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This version does not really introduce incompatible changes but is now bundled with a much more different version of MeteoIO and niViz (instead of snopViz



  • A bug has been found where exceptions thrown under osX could happen not to be reported to the user
  • Forcing the start date was not working with virtual slopes, this is now supported
  • The inflate/deflate operational trick was active even when enforce_snow_height=false
  • When no solutes were defined but the user selected "OUT_LOAD", there was a segfault
  • The radiation trick to melt residual snow on the ground in the simulation (therefore the measured albedo does not match the simulated one) was enabled when no snow was left
  • Resolving an inconsistency that was producing a bug, forming very thick layers with very low density
  • Using the proper computation for ILWR in energybalancesoilcheck
  • The new syntax of mio::Config is now used and has also lead to some cleanup of the configuration options (one bug in a default value has been found, lots of parameters were requesting "nothrow" when they already had a default value, etc)
  • The runoff was not being written to the database (only '0'), this has been corrected (but the results are slightly different than the timeseries content)

New features

  • A technical snow handling model has been implemented (for the ProSnow project)
    • snow making
    • snow grooming
  • NIED variant
    • Updated wet snow metamorphism by Hiroyuki Hirashima
    • Introducing the NIED new snow density parameterisation
  • Major rewritte of the CaamlIO plugin
    • Now based on pugixml (embedded with Snowpack) instead of libxml
    • Now turned on by default (since it has no external dependencies)
    • Updated from Version 5 to Version 6.0.3 (not downward compatible)
    • Able to read niViz generated Caaml files
    • Reading of grain shape codes extended and improved
    • Resampling of the different profiles (temperatures, densities, etc) to the stratigraphy profile if necessary
    • If available, read custom-snowpack-data
  • Other
    • Adding slope_angle and slope_azi to the SMET files (so it is much easier to reuse the simulated results into another simulation), replacing the "old" SlopeAngle and SlopeAzi keys
    • A warning has been added when overwriting an Input::STATION key (when using the '-s' command line option)


  • fixed a mistake in the outpu fields units documentation
  • Updated the examples to the latest MeteoIO changes
  • A missing link in the documentation has been added
  • The physical_processes and energy_balance pictures have been improved

Cleanup and build chain

  • Code cleanup
    • the tags have finally been fully removed
    • some inconsistency in the packaging for Windows has been fixed
    • An unecessarily complicated piece of code in SmetIO has been rewritten
  • Build chain and compiling
    • The handling of the linking to the own library is now done properly (instead of kind of hacky)
    • Fixed some issues for VC++ (actually, non-standard compliant code)
    • Removed -Wunused-template with Clang, not working correctly
    • Fixed a warning and ported MeteoIO's cmake FindXXX script so it can be found for VC++
    • Allow to set ARCH_OPTIM with Intel compilers
    • More fixes for the whole compilation chain, including porting MeteoIO's SetCompilerOptions
  • Replacing snopviz by niviz in the packaging