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This release is important in order to fix a memory leak in SmetIO that could lead to crashes. So please consider upgrading!


Bug fixes

  • a memory leak was found in the SmetIO plugin that could lead to crashes. It has been fixed
  • fixed the plot_units in the smet files (to account for the factors/offsets that are provided)
  • making the smet outputs easier to reuse as inputs for other simulations (combined with extra meteo forcings)
  • code cleanup and micro optimizations
  • Setting Canopy direct throughfall to 1 was leading to a floating point exception. Now a check is performed and an explicit exception is thrown instead.
  • the measured albedo could build an average with nodata values. This has been fixed.
  • the Critical Cut Length could not be computed on the flat (division by zero). This has been fixed an now works on the local slope.

Build system

  • Better behavior of the dynamic libraries: RPATH is properly setup in the binaries
  • CMakeLists closer to MeteoIO's
  • Better find strategy so Snowpack-xxx-src can be found
  • making sure the FindXXX macros are only called once (by properly inheriting all relevant variables)
  • The plugins now properly inherit the compilation settings
  • fixed a bug (different compilation options) in the "coverage" tests

Documentation and examples

  • fixed errors in the domeC example (wrong coordinate system, synthetic HS)
  • documentation improvements