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BoundCond Class Reference

Detailed Description

BoundCond is used to set Neumann boundary conditions.

#include <DataClasses.h>

Public Member Functions

 BoundCond ()
const std::string toString () const
void reset ()

Public Attributes

double lw_out
 outgoing longwave radiation More...
double lw_net
 net longwave radiation More...
double qs
 sensible heat More...
double ql
 latent heat More...
double qr
 rain energy More...
double qg
 geothermal heat flux or heat flux at lower boundary More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ BoundCond()

BoundCond::BoundCond ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ reset()

void BoundCond::reset ( )

< outgoing longwave radiation

< net longwave radiation

< sensible heat

< latent heat

< rain energy

< heat flux at lower boundary

◆ toString()

const std::string BoundCond::toString ( ) const

Member Data Documentation

◆ lw_net

double BoundCond::lw_net

net longwave radiation

◆ lw_out

double BoundCond::lw_out

outgoing longwave radiation

◆ qg

double BoundCond::qg

geothermal heat flux or heat flux at lower boundary

◆ ql

double BoundCond::ql

latent heat

◆ qr

double BoundCond::qr

rain energy

◆ qs

double BoundCond::qs

sensible heat

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