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1/* **********************************************************************************************/
2/* stand-alone */
3/* Derived from RESEARCH VERSION 9.0 */
4/* **********************************************************************************************/
5/* **********************************************************************************/
6/* Copyright WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF-DAVOS */
7/* **********************************************************************************/
8/* This file is part of Snowpack.
9 Snowpack is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
10 it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
11 the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
12 (at your option) any later version.
14 Snowpack is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
15 but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
17 GNU General Public License for more details.
19 You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
20 along with Snowpack. If not, see <>.
29#ifndef HAZARD_H
30#define HAZARD_H
32#include <meteoio/MeteoIO.h>
34#include <vector>
37struct ProcessDat {
39 ch(0.), swe(0.), tot_lwc(0.), runoff(0.), dewpt_def(0.), hoar_size(0.), hoar_ind6(0.), hoar_ind24(0.),
40 wind_trans(0.), wind_trans24(0.),
41 hn_half_hour(0.), hn3(0.), hn6(0.), hn12(0.), hn24(0.), hn72(0.), hn72_24(0.),
42 psum_half_hour(0.), psum3(0.), psum6(0.), psum12(0.), psum24(0.), psum72(0.),
45 crust(0.), en_bal(0.), sw_net(0.), t_top1(0.), t_top2(0.), lwi_N(0.), lwi_S(0.),
46 dhs_corr(0.), mass_corr(0.)
47 {}
49 mio::Date date;
50 unsigned int nHz;
51 std::string stat_abbrev;
52 unsigned char loc_for_snow;
53 unsigned char loc_for_wind;
54 // Data
55 double ch;
56 double swe;
57 double tot_lwc;
58 double runoff;
59 double dewpt_def;
60 double hoar_size;
61 double hoar_ind6;
62 double hoar_ind24;
63 double wind_trans;
64 double wind_trans24;
65 double hn_half_hour;
66 double hn3;
67 double hn6;
68 double hn12;
69 double hn24;
70 double hn72;
71 double hn72_24;
73 double psum3;
74 double psum6;
75 double psum12;
76 double psum24;
77 double psum72;
78 signed char stab_class1;
79 signed char stab_class2;
80 double stab_index1;
81 double stab_height1;
82 double stab_index2;
83 double stab_height2;
84 double stab_index3;
85 double stab_height3;
86 double stab_index4;
87 double stab_height4;
88 double stab_index5;
89 double stab_height5;
90 // Special parameters
91 double crust;
92 double en_bal;
93 double sw_net;
94 double t_top1, t_top2;
95 double lwi_N, lwi_S;
96 // Control parameters
97 double dhs_corr;
98 double mass_corr;
103 ch(true), swe(true), tot_lwc(true), runoff(true), dewpt_def(true),
104 hoar_size(true), hoar_ind6(true), hoar_ind24(true),
105 wind_trans(true), wind_trans24(true),
106 hn3(true), hn6(true), hn12(true), hn24(true), hn72(true), hn72_24(true), psum3(true), psum6(true), psum12(true), psum24(true), psum72(true),
107 stab_class1(true), stab_class2(true),
108 stab_index1(true), stab_height1(true), stab_index2(true), stab_height2(true), stab_index3(true), stab_height3(true), stab_index4(true), stab_height4(true), stab_index5(true), stab_height5(true),
109 crust(true), en_bal(true), sw_net(true), t_top1(true), t_top2(true), lwi_N(true), lwi_S(true)
110 {}
115 // Data
116 bool ch;
117 bool swe;
119 bool runoff;
124 bool hn3, hn6, hn12, hn24, hn72;
133 bool crust;
134 bool en_bal;
135 bool sw_net;
144class Hazard {
145 public:
146 Hazard(const SnowpackConfig& cfg, const double duration);
148 void initializeHazard(std::vector<double>& vecDrift, double slope_angle,
149 std::vector<ProcessDat>& Hdata, std::vector<ProcessInd>& Hdata_ind);
151 void getHazardDataMainStation(ProcessDat& Hdata, ProcessInd& Hdata_ind,
152 ZwischenData& Zdata, const double& newDrift, const bool stationDriftIndex,
153 const SnowStation& Xdata, const CurrentMeteo& Mdata, const SurfaceFluxes& Sdata);
155 void getHazardDataSlope(ProcessDat& Hdata, ProcessInd& Hdata_ind,
156 std::vector<double>& drift24, const double& newDrift, const SnowStation& Xdata,
157 const bool luvDriftIndex, const bool north, const bool south);
160 static const double minimum_drift, maximum_drift;
162 private:
163 enum ActVec {
164 noAction=0, // neither shift nor overwite index values
165 overwrite, // overwrite <index>[0] w/o shifting
166 pushOverwrite // push vector values and overwrite <index>[0]
167 };
169 void actOnVector(std::vector<double>& oldVector, const double& newValue, const ActVec& action);
171 double compDriftIndex(std::vector<double>& vecDrift, const double& drift, const double& rho,
172 const unsigned int& nHours, const double& slope_angle, const ActVec& action);
174 void getDriftIndex(ProcessDat& Hdata, ProcessInd& Hdata_ind,
175 std::vector<double>& vecDrift, const double& newDriftValue, const double slope_angle);
177 double compHoarIndex(std::vector<double> &oldHoar, const double& newHoar,
178 const unsigned int& nHours, const ActVec& action);
180 double compDewPointDeficit(double TA, double TSS, double RH);
182 void compMeltFreezeCrust(const SnowStation& Xdata, ProcessDat& Hdata, ProcessInd& Hdata_ind);
184 bool research_mode, enforce_measured_snow_heights, force_rh_water;
185 unsigned int nHz, hazard_steps_between;
186 double sn_dt;
187 double hoar_density_surf, hoar_min_size_surf;
CurrentMeteo is the class of interpolated meteo data for the current calculation time step It contai...
Definition: DataClasses.h:83
Definition: Hazard.h:144
static const double wind_slab_density
Definition: Hazard.h:159
Hazard(const SnowpackConfig &cfg, const double duration)
void getHazardDataMainStation(ProcessDat &Hdata, ProcessInd &Hdata_ind, ZwischenData &Zdata, const double &newDrift, const bool stationDriftIndex, const SnowStation &Xdata, const CurrentMeteo &Mdata, const SurfaceFluxes &Sdata)
Compute the Hdata from main station data.
void initializeHazard(std::vector< double > &vecDrift, double slope_angle, std::vector< ProcessDat > &Hdata, std::vector< ProcessInd > &Hdata_ind)
Allocates and initializes Hazard data.
static const double typical_slope_length
Definition: Hazard.h:159
static const double maximum_drift
Definition: Hazard.h:160
static const double minimum_drift
Definition: Hazard.h:160
void getHazardDataSlope(ProcessDat &Hdata, ProcessInd &Hdata_ind, std::vector< double > &drift24, const double &newDrift, const SnowStation &Xdata, const bool luvDriftIndex, const bool north, const bool south)
Compute Hdata from virtual slope data.
Definition: DataClasses.h:604
Definition: SnowpackConfig.h:28
Definition: DataClasses.h:733
ZwischenData contains "memory" information mainly for operational use It is used to prepare some para...
Definition: DataClasses.h:65
Structure of double values for output to SDB.
Definition: Hazard.h:37
double psum72
72 h new snow water equivalent (kg m-2)
Definition: Hazard.h:77
double hn72
72 depth of snowfall (cm)
Definition: Hazard.h:70
double wind_trans24
24 h drifting snow index (cm)
Definition: Hazard.h:64
double en_bal
internal energy change (kJ m-2)
Definition: Hazard.h:92
double stab_height2
depth of stab_index2 (cm)
Definition: Hazard.h:83
double wind_trans
6 h drifting snow index (cm)
Definition: Hazard.h:63
double dhs_corr
snow depth correction in case of squezzing or blow-up (cm)
Definition: Hazard.h:97
unsigned int nHz
Number of hazard steps.
Definition: Hazard.h:50
double lwi_S
liquid water index for northerly and southerly slopes, respectively.
Definition: Hazard.h:95
double runoff
runoff (kg m-2)
Definition: Hazard.h:58
double tot_lwc
total liquid water content (kg m-2)
Definition: Hazard.h:57
double hn72_24
3 d sum of 24 h depth of snowfall (cm)
Definition: Hazard.h:71
double swe
snow water equivalent SWE (kg m-2)
Definition: Hazard.h:56
double stab_height5
depth of stab_index5 (cm)
Definition: Hazard.h:89
double hn12
12 h depth of snowfall (cm)
Definition: Hazard.h:68
double hoar_ind6
6 h surface hoar index (kg m-2)
Definition: Hazard.h:61
Definition: Hazard.h:38
double crust
height of melt-freeze crust on southern slope (cm)
Definition: Hazard.h:91
unsigned char loc_for_snow
Definition: Hazard.h:52
double dewpt_def
dew point deficit (degC)
Definition: Hazard.h:59
double t_top1
Definition: Hazard.h:94
double psum3
3 h new snow water equivalent (kg m-2)
Definition: Hazard.h:73
double ch
height of snow HS (cm)
Definition: Hazard.h:55
double t_top2
snow temperatures at depth 1 & 2, respectively (degC)
Definition: Hazard.h:94
signed char stab_class1
stability classes 1,3,5
Definition: Hazard.h:78
double stab_height1
depth of stab_index1 (cm)
Definition: Hazard.h:81
double stab_height4
depth of stab_index4 (cm)
Definition: Hazard.h:87
double hoar_ind24
24 h surface hoar index (kg m-2)
Definition: Hazard.h:62
double stab_index5
Definition: Hazard.h:88
double stab_index4
structural stability index SSI
Definition: Hazard.h:86
signed char stab_class2
profile type 0..10
Definition: Hazard.h:79
double psum6
6 h new snow water equivalent (kg m-2)
Definition: Hazard.h:74
double hn6
6 h depth of snowfall (cm)
Definition: Hazard.h:67
double lwi_N
Definition: Hazard.h:95
double stab_index3
skier stability index Sk38
Definition: Hazard.h:84
double stab_index2
natural stability index Sn38
Definition: Hazard.h:82
double mass_corr
mass correction from either forced erosion and squeezing (neg) or blowing up (pos) (cm)
Definition: Hazard.h:98
std::string stat_abbrev
Definition: Hazard.h:51
double hn_half_hour
half_hour depth of snowfall (cm)
Definition: Hazard.h:65
double hn3
3 h depth of snowfall (cm)
Definition: Hazard.h:66
double psum12
12 h new snow water equivalent (kg m-2)
Definition: Hazard.h:75
double stab_height3
depth of stab_index3 (cm)
Definition: Hazard.h:85
unsigned char loc_for_wind
Definition: Hazard.h:53
double stab_index1
deformation index Sdef
Definition: Hazard.h:80
double psum24
24 h new snow water equivalent (kg m-2)
Definition: Hazard.h:76
mio::Date date
Process date.
Definition: Hazard.h:49
double psum_half_hour
half_hour new snow water equivalent (kg m-2)
Definition: Hazard.h:72
double sw_net
surface energy input (kJ m-2)
Definition: Hazard.h:93
double hn24
24 depth of snowfall (cm)
Definition: Hazard.h:69
double hoar_size
24 h surface hoar size (mm)
Definition: Hazard.h:60
Definition: Hazard.h:101
bool en_bal
Definition: Hazard.h:134
bool crust
Definition: Hazard.h:133
bool sw_net
Definition: Hazard.h:135
bool psum24
Definition: Hazard.h:126
bool hn72
Definition: Hazard.h:124
bool stab_index3
Definition: Hazard.h:130
bool stab_index1
Definition: Hazard.h:128
bool runoff
Definition: Hazard.h:119
bool dewpt_def
Definition: Hazard.h:120
bool loc_for_wind
Definition: Hazard.h:114
bool stab_class2
Definition: Hazard.h:127
bool stab_index5
Definition: Hazard.h:132
bool psum6
Definition: Hazard.h:126
bool wind_trans
Definition: Hazard.h:123
bool t_top2
Definition: Hazard.h:136
bool stab_index4
Definition: Hazard.h:131
bool hoar_size
Definition: Hazard.h:121
bool hn6
Definition: Hazard.h:124
bool stab_height2
Definition: Hazard.h:129
bool hn12
Definition: Hazard.h:124
bool stab_height3
Definition: Hazard.h:130
bool hn3
Definition: Hazard.h:124
bool hn72_24
Definition: Hazard.h:125
bool swe
Definition: Hazard.h:117
bool ch
Definition: Hazard.h:116
bool lwi_S
Definition: Hazard.h:137
bool tot_lwc
Definition: Hazard.h:118
bool stab_class1
Definition: Hazard.h:127
bool stab_height1
Definition: Hazard.h:128
bool stab_height4
Definition: Hazard.h:131
bool stat_abbrev
Definition: Hazard.h:112
bool psum72
Definition: Hazard.h:126
bool hn24
Definition: Hazard.h:124
bool wind_trans24
Definition: Hazard.h:123
bool psum12
Definition: Hazard.h:126
bool hoar_ind6
Definition: Hazard.h:122
bool t_top1
Definition: Hazard.h:136
Definition: Hazard.h:102
bool loc_for_snow
Definition: Hazard.h:113
bool hoar_ind24
Definition: Hazard.h:122
bool stab_index2
Definition: Hazard.h:129
bool stab_height5
Definition: Hazard.h:132
bool psum3
Definition: Hazard.h:126
bool lwi_N
Definition: Hazard.h:137